The Medium is the Message

The medium is the message theory by Marshall McLuhan is quite interesting because it is talking about how medium theory emphasises the transformative effects of media technologies on society/ culture/ psychology. This theory that McLuhan is talking about is very true because the century that we live in is all about doing everything on line or communicating through they technologies.

McLuhan also says ‘rather than the signification of media content, we should think about the significant effects of media form’. This little phrase was very interesting to me because I have been tackling with topics in my other blog entries retarding the way that the media and technology is the medium of everything in the 21st century because everyone has built a live of their own on the internet and the fact that his is everyone’s main source communication and being up to date with everything.

Another thing that McLuhan is the talking about the social history of television use and how communication media develop in response to defined need and intentions like military, political and commercial. This is exactly what it is being used for even after all these years. And also talks about how broadcasting and mobile privatizations have made people become more home-centred and private.

“All media work us over completely. They are so pervasive in their personal, political, economic, aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical, and social consequences that they leave no part of us untouched, unaffected, unaltered.“

This is a very strong and bold phrase and something, which caught my eye because what it says is very true and very accurate because media that is being screened around the world is all about getting into your minds and making you believe what they are showing you and advertising things which are irrelevant but because its being screened all of the media you get drawn in and are lead to believe the stories which they are feeding you.

Also I’d like to add a few examples of broadcasting and mobile privatisations, which I feel is affecting children and people without us realising for example:

‘Children often wear ear buds and headphones, and in doing so, risk irreversible eardrum damage if the volume is too loud.’ This is the first example I’d like to point out which isn’t broadcasted to the public because it will bring negative response to the product.

Also another fact that we live through dramatic changed in your day to day life involving digital network media such as the Norway bombing which took place back in 2011 and this phrase;” Some of them are completely paralyzed. They cannot run. They stand totally still. This is something they never show on TV,” Breivik said. “It was very strange.” This shows that the media has use altered to only see what they want us to see and hide they things, which they want to keep secret and unannounced to the public.

The medium is the message pros and cons -Norway bombing – Moodle PowerPoint



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