The Commodities as Spectacle

The commodities as spectacle story is giving us an insight on what the Situationists do and what they believe and act upon. When you look more closely into Situationists you’ll find out that they weren’t in actual fact an art movement and they ‘believed art was a separate activity from the rest of life and therefore something to be overcome’.

Also you’ll see that the Situationists used ideas associated with thinkers such as Geord Lukacs to develop their key claim that commodities had now colonised every aspect of modern life.

The phrase, which I have chosen from the Commodity as Spectacle is: ‘ In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation.’ The reason why I chose this phrase from the theory which Guy Debord talked about was because if you look closely into the modern conditions which we face you’ll see that we are living in a world were people make a spectacle of themselves.

The person I would like to put forward and talk about on this topic is Donald Trump because he has creates a visual striking performance to the world by his stepping up to being president and then making accusation that “he would consider requiring Muslim-Americans to register with a government database, or worse, mandating that they carry special identification cards that note their faith”.

This here is one of the largest spectacles, which I have encountered through the last few years. The reason for that being is because he is trying to implement a system which will label the different religions and by his saying that Muslims also have to register on the American database is just appalling and its pointed out by an NBC reported by him saying “Is there a difference between requiring Muslims to register and Jews in Nazi Germany?” and Donald responding “you tell me”.

This for me is one of the largest spectacles because by him being such a big topic in America and saying stuff about Muslim-Americans having to sign up to the database is going to give the wrong idea to people and by implying thoughts like that to the public you wont always get the responses you was looking to get.

Something that I found on an article was fairly interesting which was “We have to take accountability for our own ignorance and we must begin to take back the control and power of our own lives. And it all begins with knowledge”.

The reason why decided to include this phrase was because it relates to how everything that was directly lived has now become a representation of something from the past which is this case is that he wants Muslim-Americans to register in their database.

The Commodity as Spectacles – CNN News -The Illusion Of Religions – Lecture PowerPoint


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