Plato Theory

Plato’s allegory of the cave tells a story about how illusions in the minds of people become virtual reality. What I mean by the statement from Plato’s book is that he is talking about how the prisoners that are imprisoned in the cave with their legs and necks tried so they can only look straight.

This then leads to the main focus of the story, which is that; the prisoners who are imprisoned in the cave mistake the appearance of something, which they see through a shadow or sounds bouncing off the walls to be the truth.

The problem that is enlightened in this story can relate to the problems which people face in this generation. We face this problem among a lot of things in this day and age because of the advances in technology that disfigure and distort reality.

Digital technologies and advances such the Internet and mobile devices seduce us into a virtual life. Instead of looking at the reality which is facing us right in the face, we become distracted by false realities such as Facebook, twitter etc.”

I’d like to focus on an example, which will make us realise that we are all living in a virtual world of programmed illusions. Our minds, in the 21st century, are now trapped in Plato’s cave.

Which moves me onto another illusions which people are being drawn into in the 21st century, which is called ‘Catfishing’. “Catfishing is a type of deceptive activity involving a person creating a sock puppet social networking network for nefarious purposes. The modern term originated from the 2010 American documentary Catfish”.

This is an illusion which people have created using the social network Facebook whereby some people believe they ‘actually’ are someone, which they are not. From this they try and build relationships on false information and unreal, different identities based on what is seen on the screen.

I’d like to point out an example, which will make you realise that we are all living in a virtual world programming illusions into the minds of people in the 21st century. ‘The Sims is a life simulation video game series, developed by EA Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is one of the best-selling video games series of all time.’ This is another illusions, which clouds the reality of the 21st century because everyone is online talking to virtual people but you don’t know who’s actually on the other side of that screen.

With the example given I’d like to go back to something, which Plato said in his story about the prisoners which was “first he would find it easiest to look at the shadows, next at the reflections of men and other objects in the water, and later at the object themselves.After that he would find it easier to observe the heavenly bodies and the sky itself at night, and to look at the light of the moon and starts rather than at the sun and its light by day”.

The reason why I pointed this out was because it relates to Catfishing and how once you’ve broke out of the illusion of virtual life you’ll see everything more clearly and for what it really look like with your own eyes instead of the eyes of the media or social networks.

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