German Ideology

German ideology story is giving us a more in-depth understanding of the way that we think and ‘how ideology inverts our understanding of how we view the world’. What I mean by this is that the German Ideology theory makes use understand that we see a lot of things which we class as real and they way things are views are manipulated/distorted to what is actually the truth meaning behind something.

The facts and the views which are brought up and made more clear are that ideology manipulates the way that we are views the world and how we look at the problems we are faced with in this generation. Ideology is imbedded into everything we see on a daily basis which shows that ideology is a social issue as well as a political issue.

The phrase, which I have chosen from the Karl Marx theory is ‘morality, religion, metaphysics, all the rest of ideology and their corresponding forms of consciousness, thus no longer retain the semblance of independence’. The reason why I have decided to use this phrase from the theory is because everything that we are educated and shown on the media and the way that society has changed over time are false perceptions of reality and the truth behind something.

The first topic I will like to tackle regarding Ideology is that ‘The ruling classes don’t just dominate with economic and political power, they also have intellectual and cultural power too.’ David Cameron said “No European country has come close to this level of support,” Mr Cameron told MPs.” But then weeks after David Cameron and other MP decided to launch air missiles on Syria and kill thousands of innocent people.

The reason I added the phrase above was being we as economic people don’t have control over the things that happen in life we just have to sit back and watch it all happen and then come up with believable stories which will make the world believe that we had a actual reason for why we killed innocent people.

Also going back to the Phrase from page 175 you’ll see that it perfectly interlinks about ideology no longer retain the semblance of independence anymore. ‘Religion is one of the biggest tools used by people who know the truths to control large amounts of people. The manipulation and use of knowledge by those people have influenced many for their own benefits. They used religious myths to obtain wealth, build armies, go to war, take over countries, kill, steal, and other evil doings’.

This is exactly what David Cameron did to Syria by using ISIS to go manipulate and go ahead with the bombing and used the name of Islam and Muslims to cover up the reason to why he ended up going after a country once they tried to help and the benefits they are getting from this attack apart from starting war and leaving the UK at risk of getting bombed now.

Ideology -independent news -The Illusion Of Religions – Moodle



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